China SAC - Day 1 & Day 2

The China Sports Analytics Conference 2018 is the premier Asia forum for industry professionals and executives interested in the role of data and analytics in the Chinese and global sports industry. Join 1000 plus attendees from across fields of sports, analytics, marketing, technology and more.

Lead Organizer I 主办方

中国 SAC - 第一天 & 第二天

中国体育分析会议是针对中国和全球体育行业中数据和分析的领域的重要会议。在本届会议中,来自于体育分析,体育营销,体育技术等不同领域的2000多个行业专家和高级管理者将进行精彩的思想碰撞。SAC中国 - 衷心欢迎您的到来。

China Sports TechnologyInvestor Forum - Day 3

We will be launching a world-class China Investor forum for start-ups and early-stage companies across the world. Gain exclusive exposure to the Chinese and Asia's Investors and Senior Leaders from across Sports, Media, Entertainment and Business actively looking for early-stage investments of USD $250,000 - USD $10,000,000 (RMB 173,1255 - RMB 6924,9000).

Lead Organizer I 主办方

中国体育科技投资会议 - 第三天

我们将为世界各地的初创公司和早期公司推出世界一流的中国体育科技投资会议。参加本届会议,您将获得和来自于体育,媒体,娱乐和商业领域的中国和亚洲投资者以及高级领导人接触的机会。届时,将有25万美元 - 1000万美元(人民币173,1255 - 6924,9000元)的初期投资将面向参会者公开招募。

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